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The Brandeis University Quant Club is a charted club at Brandeis University [v. 2023-3.1]

Our board

Click the names below to get introduced to our executive team of undergraduate students leading the 2023-2024 academic semesters.

Faculty Observer — Professor Pengyu Hong

Allison Chanin

Allison is the Vice President and Treasurer of the club. Currently a Junior, she is double majoring in applied mathematics and computer science and has had experience working in the computer science department as a TA since her sophomore year. She enjoys crocheting and cycling with friends.

Daniel Vito
Co-founder, Education Lead

Daniel is a Junior at Brandeis majoring in Economics. At the club, he has run education research since its founding, and is an aspiring quantitative researcher interested in the intersections of math and the financial markets. He is fond of board games, long walks, and scally hats.

Ming-Shih Wang
SWE Project Manager, Director

Ming is a Junior at Brandeis studying computer science. Passionate about being a professional software developer (and beating the wits of ChatGPT), he has led various projects at the club and enjoyed being a member since 2021. You can regularly find him playing a Bach Partita on the viola, or on the basketball court.

Joshua Cohen
Sports Analytics Project Manager, Director

Joshua is an applied mathematics and computer science double-major currently in his Junior year. A major New York Yankees fan, Joshua focuses on the sports analytics side of the club and leads research projects around the subject.

Gabriel Abreu
SWE Project Manager, Director

Gabriel, a Junior, is double majoring in applied mathematics and computer science. He works as a computer science research assistant in the Lifespan Lab at Brandeis, and focuses on SWE-oriented projects at the club. Most importantly, he is actually interested in math (he isn’t faking it!)

Robert Sun
Secretary, Director

Robert is a sophomore studying applied mathematics and economics. At the club he is a diligent notetaker and recordkeeper, helping keep the club organized. As an ambitious and curious STEM enthusiast, he hopes to pursue an intersection of quantitative finance, data science, and technology. He enjoys playing the violin and cooking.

Long Nguyen

Long is a sophomore studying computer science and mathematics trying to make a difference in the world (or something). He enjoys long runs, playing piano, and focuses on SWE projects at the club.

Former Board and Affiliates

Ephraim Zimmerman
Co-founder and President Emeritus

Ephraim is a Junior studying computer science with a minor in mathematics. He served as president of the club from its inception in 2021 December of 2023 and enjoys being able to work on fun, interesting techniques in computer science outside of the classroom. He is a fan of the music of George Gershwin, Italian food, and cross country.