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The Brandeis University Quant Club is a chartered club at Brandeis University [v. 2023-3.1]

Real-time climate index

A standard index scaled 1-100 of the most significant factors underlying climate change.

During the spring of 2022 academic session, club members learned how to 'contextualize and group arbitrary data’. Members were asked to parse research done on a specific area of climate change, subsequently using that data to create a standard index scaled 1-100 based off how close certain factors of that data were to a “limit” set by researchers. As a team, we then compiled this data into a single range. Simply, we solved the problem: "how do we take arbitrary data and create context for it?"

  • The ramifications of climate change can be daunting for many to grasp. Our climate change index will measure and aggregate the severity of climate change in real time using data compiled from various reputable sources, such as government agencies and academic institutions. Our visualizations of the many elements that impact our planet's climate will illustrate the capacity for further distress prior to an inflection point, or a point of no return.

  • API available on RapidAPI or as raw JSON with status 200.